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August 08, 2016
Mike Kunkle | @mike_kunkle | Sr. Director of Sales Enablement, Brainshark
Sales onboarding is a hot topic. Everyone wants to do it better and faster. A lot of people talk about it. Yet, over the past few years, various industry surveys indicate that onboarding ramp-ups, on average, have not improved. Obviously, we need to start to think differently about the sales...
August 03, 2016
Molly Buccini | @mollybuccini | Content Marketing Manager, Brainshark
Whether lack of training, lack of time or lack or initiative is to blame – coaching in sales organizations remains a top challenge – despite also being a top priority. Just how important is coaching to sales enablement and readiness? Here are some sales statistics to consider: 74% of...
August 02, 2016
PJ Carter | @PJCarter25 | Influencer Relations Manager, Brainshark
As a former youth, high school and collegiate-level baseball coach, it was my goal to help my players perfect their skills so that we could improve as a team. As their coach, I was several years older in age, much more experienced in the game and had all of the resources they would need to get...
August 01, 2016
Ann Lambert | @AnnLambert18 | Product Marketing Manager, Brainshark
Research shows 33% of sales reps report they’re “often” or “always” frustrated by their inability to quickly locate sales materials. With content stored in so many places, it’s tough for salespeople and other business users to quickly find the best (and most up-to-date) assets to share with...
July 29, 2016
Molly Buccini | @mollybuccini | Content Marketing Manager, Brainshark
Jim Ninivaggi was at an antique store in the Berkshires a few weeks back when he discovered a treasure only a sales expert could truly appreciate. It was a training manual for Coca Cola sales managers, dating back to 1940. Inside the 76-year-old thick binder were outlines for how a manager, in a...
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