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December 22, 2016
Lauren Brousell | @LBrousell | Marketing Programs Manager, Brainshark
We’ve all heard this story before: a sales rep suffers from poor performance and the manager doesn’t diagnose the issues until it’s too late. The deals have been lost and the rep is at risk of losing his job. This situation, and many like it can be avoided if sales managers are enabled to use...
December 20, 2016
Molly Buccini | @mollybuccini | Content Marketing Manager, Brainshark
Executive buyers say more than 80% of sales meetings are “a complete waste of time,” according to research from Forrester. The reason? Buyers have rising expectations, and salespeople aren’t providing enough value. Those high expectations are consistent whether buyers are working with direct...
December 16, 2016
PJ Carter | @PJCarter25 | Influencer Relations Manager, Brainshark
Organizations that provide salespeople with coaching see annual revenue growth rates 16.7% greater than firms that do not provide sales coaching, according to research from the Sales Management Association. Since almost half of all sales reps miss their quota every year, a 16.7% boost makes a big...
December 13, 2016
Jim Ninivaggi | @jninivaggi | Senior Vice President, Business Development, Brainshark
Over the summer, I got the chance to visit Tanglewood, a music venue in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts. It’s the summer home of the Boston Pops, and I was there to see them perform with the B52s. (No joke.) The venue is also a summer music academy for budding professional musicians. ...
December 12, 2016
Lauren Brousell | @LBrousell | Marketing Programs Manager, Brainshark
As we wrap up 2016 with holiday parties and celebrations, sales teams will take a look back on the year that was – big deals that were won and lost opportunities that still haunt them. When 2017 begins, sales will be looking for ways to start off the new year with a bang. Since the start of a new...
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