Activate Data-Driven Sales Readiness

Prepare all your client-facing teams with the knowledge, skills and insights to perform at the highest level.

Scorecards automatically track your enablement programs alongside sales KPIs from your CRM, so you can identify skill gaps early – and close them faster.

The Most Complete Platform for Sales Readiness & Enablement

Engaging Content
Prepare reps with your own video-based content that can be created quickly, updated easily, and accessed anywhere.
Always-On Training
Upskill your teams with on-demand resources for any learning requirement – from onboarding to just-in-time updates.
Flexible Coaching
Use video to certify that every rep has mastered key messages with AI-powered coaching, practice and assessments.
Powerful Scorecards
Radically improve team performance with readiness scorecards that shine new light on what’s working – and what’s not.
Make the Connection from Readiness to Revenue
Are your training and coaching activities working?
We help you answer that question with confidence. Get cutting-edge insights into sales performance trends, then use Brainshark to deliver enablement where it’s needed most.

Powering Readiness for Thousands of Customers