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How do you REALLY improve sales productivity?

Sales productivity - defined simply as revenue per rep - is about increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales organization in a way that's scalable, measurable and repeatable.

It's arguably the most pressing challenge facing B2B companies today. In fact, 71% of C-level executives state that sales productivity is "critical" to a company's growth - more important than product excellence and branding combined.

At the same time, studies show that 2/3 of salespeople fail to reach quota every year. This is partly due to the fact that too many reps simply aren't prepared to have the types of conversations that shake today's more educated buyer's from the status quo. That's where sales enablement can help.

The majority of leading companies now have a defined sales enablement role in their organizations. Many also turn to technology to train and coach their reps more effectively, while empowering them with the content they need to engage buyers throughout the selling process.



Why Sales Productivity Is a C-Level Issue

In the above video, Brainshark founder and chairman Joe Gustafson offers advice for how follow execs can improve sales productivity at their companies.


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Bridging the Sales Productivity Gap

New research from Forbes Insights and Brainshark examines what best-in-class companies do differently to address the sales productivity problem.

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Onboarding & Training

Training is the first step towards building a productive sales force. Effective onboarding is essential to cutting the time it takes for new reps to close their first deals. But it doesn't end there. The problem is that many companies treat sales training as a "one-time" event. To truly drive sales productivity, organizations need to create a culture of continuous learning in which reps always have access to the information they need to prepare for every buyer interaction.

What the experts are saying

"Learning activities are critical to ensure that anytime something changes in the market, reps are aware of it."

Nicolas Lihou, Xerox

Overhaul Sales Training to Win and Retain More Customers

Learn why sales enablement professionals need to focus on developing the competencies of sales reps to meet buyers' needs, and get tips you can use right now.

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Sales Coaching

Studies show that "coaching and mentoring" is the most important role front-line sales managers play. Of course, this doesn't mean that all sales managers aren't good coaches. In fact, many are not. Yet when it comes to sales enablement, companies tend to focus so much on their reps that they ignore the needs of front-line managers. Leading organizations understand what quality coaching means for sales productivity, and make the effort to provide managers with the support and resources they need to help reps succeed.

What the experts are saying

"Who's coaching the coach? You need a formal coaching program for the coaches; it's not just about sending them to a program."

Walter Rogers, CloudCoaching International

Examining Sales Coaching

Check out Chapter 6 of Sales Enablement for Dummies for details on developing a systematic approach to sales coaching, with tips for evaluating the skills of front-line managers.

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Sales enablement for dummies

Buyer Engagement

Today's buyers are often inundated with messages, making it challenging for salespeople to capture their attention and stand out from the pack. Content can help. Reps rely on the right content to engage buyers before, during and after meetings - but what's the right content? To increase sales productivity, leading companies invest in technology to help provide reps with access to the content they need, right when they need it, for every selling situation.

What the experts are saying

"Content has got to be used to build credibility and open up a rich and meaningful customer conversation."

Dan Smoot, Salesforce

What is Content in Context?

This exclusive eBook takes an in-depth look at what "content in context" REALLY means for sales, with a focus on how it can help reps not only increase productivity, but confidently and effectively engage prospects with the most valuable, relevant messages.

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