Sales readiness

Are your reps ready?

What is sales readiness?

Sales readiness is the process by which organizations prepare their reps to have the types of consistent, valuable sales conversations that move deals forward.

Forrester Research reports that 65% of executives will give their business to the reps who can "create the buying vision" for them.

In other words, the reps who can demonstrate an understanding of their unique problems and needs in a way that shakes them from the status quo.

To improve sales readiness and productivity, companies need more effective ways to onboard, train, and coach their teams, while providing easy access to the content they need to prepare for every selling situation.


Sales readiness - Are your reps ready?

22 Tips for Better Sales Readiness

Are your sales reps ready? Check out these tips and ideas for preparing your sales force to deliver more value, every time.

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There's no denying it: sales readiness starts with effective onboarding. Reps need to be armed with the skills, knowledge and expertise to be successful the moment they walk through the door. This requires a strategic combination of live, in-person sales training and on-demand learning that will accelerate reps' time to productivity. But it doesn't end there.

Did you know?

38% of companies lack a formal sales onboarding process - SiriusDecisions

Best Practices for Sales Onboarding

In this SiriusDecisions brief, you'll learn four sets of best practices to accelerate reps' sales skill growth, increase their product knowledge and acclimate them to their new company.

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Continuous Training

The majority of sales training is forgotten after 6 months.  To keep reps up-to-speed and prepared, companies need to continuously reinforce sales knowledge and skills long after onboarding is complete, while providing reps with "just in time" access to the latest product updates, competitive information, executive communications, and more.

What the experts are saying

"In most small to medium-size enterprises, sales training is treated as a one-time event.  Companies need to do a better job of providing a [continuous] structure for professional development and learning for sales."

Andy Paul, Author, Zero Time Selling

Overhaul Sales Training to Win and Retain More Customers

Learn why sales enablement professionals need to focus on developing the competencies of sales reps to meet buyers' needs, and get tips you can use right now.

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Now more than ever, reps rely on the right content to prepare for meetings and support their sales conversations.  But reps shouldn't have to waste time searching for the resources they need.  To boost sales readiness, they need seamless access to the right content at the right time - served up in context with a prospect's role, industry, stage of the sales cycle, and more.

What the experts are saying

"The overwhelming majority of the investments [companies] make in content to help salespeople sell is wasted."

Scott Santucci, The Alexander Group

What is Content in Context?

This exclusive eBook takes an in-depth look at what "content in context" REALLY means for sales, with a focus on how it can help reps not only increase productivity, but confidently and effectively engage prospects with the most valuable, relevant messages.

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Sales Coaching

Many sales managers were once your most effective reps - but that doesn't mean they'll be great coaches.  To truly improve sales readiness, managers need to support too.  Technology can help provide insight into how the knowledge and activities of the sales team affect results, so managers can identify best practices and coach reps more effectively throughout the sales process.

Did you know?

Coaching and mentoring is the most important role that front-line sales managers play.

Forbes Insights-Brainshark

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