Brainshark Customer Success Story

How BTG’s New Approach to Sales Enablement Led to Its Best Product Launch Ever


When Jason Gwilliam joined BTG (now part of Boston Scientific) in the spring of 2018, the company was experiencing a high failure rate with new sales reps. These new reps weren’t hitting their quotas, in part because there was no formal program for sales enablement.

The company was also going through several acquisitions, making it even more important for all reps to stay on top of changing company and product information. As the manager of sales training, Gwilliam was responsible for training reps at two of BTG’s business units, but his biggest task now was to design a new sales enablement program and identify a sales readiness platform that would align with the company’s goals better than their existing LMS.


In identifying the right technology, Gwilliam outlined key areas of importance:

  • Giving reps anytime, anywhere access to enablement resources
  • Jump starting a video coaching program
  • Showing sales leaders and managers key sales readiness metrics

Gwilliam had used Brainshark at his previous company and knew the platform would check all the boxes. When he presented it to sales leadership, they said, “We need this now.” The presentation highlighted key features like video coaching with AI-powered Machine Analysis (automated scoring of video coaching activities) and Team Dashboards (showing sales readiness metrics).


The Brainshark Advantage

First, Gwilliam rolled out Brainshark to new hires. Reps went to in-person training and received a knowledge check and video coaching activity. Unlike the old “firehose” method, Gwilliam said it was important to assess if reps could apply what they learned. Sales managers said they’ve never had such great insight into the progress of new hires.

After that, Brainshark was utilized for a key product launch, which resulted from one of BTG’s acquisitions. Gwilliam assigned pre-learning on the new product, resulting in a 96% average score. During the launch meeting, 100% of the team completed the knowledge check, with a 97% average score and then received homework based on the learning, producing a 98% average score.

The launch demonstrated Brainshark’s value at the executive level; BTG’s Chief Commercial Officer, said it was the best product launch meeting he’s been a part of. Gwilliam is now migrating over 80 modules from the LMS into Brainshark, designing 2 curriculums and video coaching activities on product information, objection-handling, competition and more.

Readiness Triggers

  • No formal sales enablement program
  • Challenges with new sales hires
  • Multiple acquisitions

Brainshark has become our main tool for all sales enablement, including new hire training, video coaching, product launches and any learning that has to be done. It’s a key driver in everything we do.

Jason Gwilliam
Former Director of Sales Enablement & Execution



BTG is a global healthcare company focused on Interventional Medicine.

Worldwide HQ: London, North American HQ: Philadelphia
Revenue: $742 million
Over 1,600 employees, 150 sales reps (Varithena and Vascular divisions)
3-person enablement team