Brainshark Customer Success Story

How eSentire Enables its Growing Partner Community with Sales Readiness Technology


As cyber-security technology provider, eSentire, experienced company and industry growth, channel partner relationships became key to their success. But as their network grew to nearly 100 partners, Chris Braden, VP of global channels and alliances, realized their approach of primarily face-to-face training wasn’t going to cut it.

eSentire needed a scalable, cost-efficient way to onboard, train and certify partner sellers. Braden evaluated the channel enablement program and found that in-person training was hard to scale, costly and challenging to coordinate and plan. On top of that, his team didn’t have an easy way to create, share and reuse partner content.

To address these challenges, eSentire began looking for a technology platform that could become the go-to resource for all channel partners, as well as direct sellers.



Braden and his team developed a list of technology requirements but above all, wanted an all-in-one solution. High on the list was content authoring capabilities; eSentire’s training strategy relied heavily on subject matter experts, so they needed a seamless way for guest authors to contribute content.

The company chose Brainshark because it was an end-to-end solution for all their sales enablement needs. This included video coaching, which was a bonus for assessing the readiness of channel partners across the globe.

Initially, eSentire began using Brainshark exclusively for channel enablement. As usage of the platform ramped up, word spread and soon, the business development and field sales teams began using Brainshark for enablement and new hire onboarding.


The Brainshark Advantage:

With Brainshark, eSentire has rolled out onboarding and training for each sales role, from business development, to field and account management teams, to sales engineers. For partners, they created a channel partner enablement curriculum with courses on selling eSentire, product overviews and a video coaching activity asking them to record and submit an elevator pitch on the company’s services and value proposition. Partners also have access to eSentire’s ‘extras,’ which include relevant webcasts and news articles.

The enablement team still conducts a three-day in-person training courses (called Cyber College), which are made available in Brainshark afterwards, but have cut most of their other face-to-face sessions – resulting in a significant time and cost savings.  

In addition, eSentire has overachieved its sales and channel goals, with the help of Brainshark. One channel partner mentioned that the learning program helped him get a promotion at his company and another commented that it’s the best training he’s seen in 15 years in channel sales.

Readiness Triggers:

  • Company growth and expansion to nearly 100 channel partners
  • Needed scalable, cost effective way to train reps and partners
  • In-person training was costly, time-consuming

Brainshark is a critical part of our integrated strategy to enable partners to be more successful. We’re using the platform to help partners get the knowledge they need quickly, efficiently, and on-demand in a manner that is respectful of their workflow.

Chris Braden
VP, Global Channels & Alliances



eSentire delivers Managed Detection and Response solutions that protect organizations from cyber-attacks.

HQ: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Nearly 100 channel partners
20-person enablement team