Brainshark Customer Success Story

“The Cube:” How Natus Medical Incorporated’s Sales Enablement Program Cut Time-to-Productivity in Half


In response to industry-wide consolidation, medical device manufacturer, Otometrics (now a brand of Natus Medical Incorporated), formed its own distribution channel in 2012 to offer direct sales to customers in the United States.

This new direct sales team included seasoned medical device sales professionals; however, most sales representatives needed product, sales and management training. In addition, the new sales approach required competency specializing in Otometrics equipment, services and solutions.

Global Sales Training Program Manager, Dr. Kathleen Hill, AuD, led the establishment of a comprehensive, multi-platform training program for new hires and existing employees. An audiologist herself, Dr. Hill understood the technical and clinical needs of the customer, and simply needed a technology platform to create and scale the online learning program.



Dr. Hill and her team chose Brainshark for online learning because it's a dynamic platform and met all their sales enablement needs. On top of that, Brainshark support included a dedicated consultant, which was a key component to set up and launch a new program, ‘The Cube,’ successfully.

‘The Cube,’ is composed of different forms of learning: online and video training, in-person training, reference materials and more. Brainshark’s content management capabilities made it easy to create and organize learning materials and make them available to trainees and course participants in a consistent way.

In addition, ‘The Cube’ became the focal point of education and training for new employees, specifically field sales reps. It provided a single point of access to product information and training, sales training and competitive market information, as well as human resources and company materials. For new hires, ‘The Cube’ training comprised a 3-month onboarding program managed through Brainshark, with a set of videos to be deployed for each 30-day phase and a final exam.


The Brainshark Advantage:

Prior to launching ‘The Cube’ content with Brainshark, traditional training methods took 1-2 years to achieve a desired sales competency and productivity. Today, an Otometrics sales rep is fully productive after 6 months of intense training and hitting sales targets and quotas. On top of that, the company has reduced the time and cost of training by replacing in-person training with Brainshark.

In 2017, Otometrics was acquired by Natus Medical Incorporated, which integrated three separate business units (Neuro, Newborn and Otometrics) into one entity. Since ‘The Cube’ has proven to be a success for Otometrics’s sales, service and customer service teams in the US and Canada, Dr. Hill is now creating similar programs for the Neuro and Newborn teams at Natus.  

Since the acquisition, Dr. Hill has expanded the scope of her responsibilities from supporting one direct sales team to seven global sales teams for onboarding and new product launch training, as well as national sales meetings. She is also utilizing Brainshark to train Natus Medical Incorporated’s key accounts, utilizing the platform to help customers maximize the use of their equipment to provide the best level of care for patients across the world.

Brainshark has brought efficiency, time and cost savings, clear expectations and guidance to our process for sales enablement.

Dr. Kathleen Hill
Global Sales Training Program Manager
Natus Medical Incorporated
Readiness Triggers: 
Needed enablement for separate sales teams
In-person training was too costly and time-consuming
Time-to-productivity for new reps was too long


Natus Medical Incorporated

Natus Medical Incorporated is a leading provider of medical device solutions focused on the diagnosis and treatment of central nervous and sensory system disorders for patients of all ages. Natus Medical Incorporated acquired Otometrics in 2017.

HQ: Pleasanton, CA