Brainshark Customer Success Story

How Scaling Channel Enablement Helped Talari Networks Transition to a 100% Channel Model


When Talari Networks (now part of Oracle) announced it was moving to a 100% channel sales model, it created a laundry list of action items for Liz Barnhart, senior director of channel sales. The company needed to move some direct sellers to channel, add new partners and better enable its 75 existing resellers.

Barnhart was overseeing a small team of channel account managers, each with a large number of partners to manage. As the number of partners began to grow, it became difficult for account managers to run in-person certification programs at each partner site.

The company’s homegrown training solution was not going to cut it; they needed a sales readiness platform that would provide accessibility for partners and scalability for account managers.


Barnhart’s goal when it came to evaluating solutions had to do with revamping the partner certification program by shifting to an on-demand training model and adding a level of assessment.

A platform Barnhart used previously came to mind because of its ease of use and capabilities for on-demand training. That solution was Brainshark, which she said was “a no-brainer.”

She saw the potential to use Brainshark to certify partners on the latest information and get them to practice key messages, such as an elevator pitch. More than that, she wanted to make Brainshark a primary sales resource for internal and external reps.

The Brainshark Advantage

Today, Talari Networks has ramped up its approach to managing channel partners. Subject matter experts can create new partner training content, many of whom said with Brainshark they enhanced the quality of their presentations. Existing content can also be converted into engaging videos by uploading PDFs, documents or PowerPoints and adding audio.

Brainshark’s video coaching tool was first tested with account managers by following up a curriculum with a coaching activity. Barnhart said it helped them with their elevator pitches and identified areas of improvement. Plus, account managers were extra motivated; the best video coaching submission won a prize at the company’s quarterly sales meeting.

The success of video coaching led Barnhart to extend its use to channel partners as part of the new partner certification program. The certification program features on-demand training content with video coaching activities to help partner reps practice elevator pitches and key messaging, with the best submissions winning a prize.

Brainshark is not only a resource to train new hires, but to quickly utilize and provide on-demand training for partners. It’s a great tool to learn and provide value to partners as sales resources.

Liz Barnhart
Senior Director of Channel Sales
Talari Networks
Readiness Triggers: 
Moved to 100% channel sales model
Lack of scalability for channel enablement


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