Brainshark Customer Success Story

How Sendbird Cut ‘Time to First Deal’ in Half for New Sales Reps


After its latest round of funding, Sendbird was in growth mode. For its sales organization, that meant bringing on new reps and ramping up its sales enablement programs.

But at the time, sales onboarding and training programs weren’t cutting it. Content was not reliable, with reps using outdated or disorganized information stored in Google Drive. There was no way to capture and share institutional knowledge from subject matter experts (SMEs). All of this resulted in inconsistent skill levels across the sales team and poor retention. 

When Sendbird’s sales enablement manager, Adriane Maron, joined the company, she set out to find a way to capture critical product and company information and transform it into training materials for new and existing reps.

As a team of one at the time, she identified the need for a sales readiness solution that would enable her to quickly create onboarding and training programs. Her goal was to develop consistent levels of product knowledge among sales reps, have capabilities to assess reps’ skills and establish ‘what good looks like.’


Maron selected Brainshark’s sales readiness platform because of its robust capabilities, including content creation, training and coaching.

As a time-strapped team of one, Maron began using Brainshark to quickly create content to start building out new onboarding and training programs. Any content she creates is easily accessible and searchable for reps via Highspot, a sales content management platform that integrates with Brainshark.

As the sales team continued to grow, she could further enhance courses with video coaching activities to assess how reps were delivering key messages. From there, she could monitor the sales team’s progress as they moved through training courses and curricula and pass that data along to sales managers and other key stakeholders.

Since Maron was now creating content herself, it took the pressure off Sendbird’s SMEs; she could capture their knowledge and expertise once, create a presentation and update it over time.

The Brainshark Advantage:

Sendbird’s sales team now uses Brainshark for all their sales enablement needs, including training for product launches, new pricing and packaging, pre-work for sales meetings and more. Maron, who recently expanded her sales enablement team, is now working on adding more video coaching assessments so sales managers and leaders can evaluate rep readiness.

New hires take onboarding courses through Brainshark and can consume material at their own pace, making them more prepared for in-person sessions. Maron says that reps that have come through onboarding via Brainshark are more engaged and confident as they ramp. As a result, the company has reduced ramp up time and new reps are closing deals in half the time.

As a result of the COVID-19 situation, Sendbird shifted its onboarding program to a fully virtual format, with all courses and content available via Brainshark. Maron says that because of Brainshark, hiring didn’t have to stop – she can easily send materials and communications to new reps without interruption to their onboarding schedule.

Readiness Triggers:

  • Company growth and sales force expansion
  • One-person sales enablement team
  • Inconsistent onboarding and training programs

It’s been evident that reps that come through Brainshark onboarding tend to be more engaged. The platform helps to build confidence for new hires.

Adriane Maron
Sales Enablement Manager



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