Resources for Remote Team Readiness

Have your teams gone remote? These resources will help you keep them prepared in a work-from-home environment.
Sales Readiness for Remote Teams with Brainshark
Sales Readiness for Remote Teams with Brainshark
Watch this video to find out how Brainshark helps companies keep their remote sales teams continuously prepared, informed and productive.
5 Tips to Create a Virtual Sales Onboarding Program
This brief outlines 5 tips for adapting your sales onboarding program for a remote workforce.
Brainshark’s Sales Enablement Magazine: Spring 2020
This issue of Sales Enablement Magazine features a customer success story with Wrike, an introduction to data-driven readiness and best practices for enabling remote workers.
Sales Readiness from Home: How Brainshark Reps Stay Productive
In this video, the Brainshark team shares how they use our own platform to stay ready and productive while working remotely.
Coronavirus: Quick Resources for Sales Organizations During a Crisis
As the Coronavirus situation progresses, here is a collection of resources to help with sales readiness, events, communication and more.
Making the Most of Remote Meetings and Events with Sales Readiness Technology
During the recent health crisis, many companies are opting for remote meetings and events. Sales readiness technology can make that process easier with content, training and coaching.
Sales Readiness for Remote Workers with Brainshark
Even with a temporarily remote workforce, sales enablement and readiness never stops. Brainshark helps keep remote teams prepared and informed – no matter where they are.
4 Ways to Support Your Sales Team During a Crisis
When there’s a crisis, your sales team needs to know what to prioritize and how to react to customers and prospects. Here are 4 ways you can support them through the situation.
Enabling Remote Workers: 5 Thoughts for Sales Readiness
When it comes to sales readiness, consider these 5 tips for supporting a remote workforce.