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Brainshark CSO Colleen Honan shares several best practices for attracting and keeping today’s top sales talent.
Finding and keeping the right sales talent is a huge challenge for today’s sales organizations. This Brainshark Special Report explores how sales readiness can support a better talent strategy in 2019...
For sales leaders, finding and maintaining the right sales talent is a universal challenge. It’s also critical to achieving the (always-increasing) revenue goals that every manager is held to.
Gamification is one way to get reps engaged in sales training content. But engaging and learning are two different things.
The sales profession looks much different today than it did 20 years ago. Has your sales training changed with the times?
Today’s sales enablement leaders already have a lot on their plates, but that daily workload can be especially daunting when responsibilities fall at one person’s feet

Can your sales reps meet today's high standards?

Modern B2B buyers expect more from salespeople than ever before. Sales readiness technology is key to ensuring they can meet today's ultra-high standards. Download this exclusive Forrester report to learn more.