Sales readiness – a core function of sales enablement – ensures your sales force is ALWAYS prepared with the competencies and resources needed to engage buyers and outsell the competition.

Training + Coaching = Sales Mastery

The goal of sales readiness isn't just to ensure reps are completing their training - but mastering it. That's where Brainshark can help.

The Path to Sales Mastery

  • Provide effective onboarding the moment new hires walk through the door
  • Validate training to be sure reps are always field-ready
  • Sharpen skills and performance through coaching and reinforcement
  • Deliver dynamic learning content to engage reps and increase retention

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The Strategies that Drive Sales Readiness and Growth

To prepare reps to make the most of every sales conversation, leading organizations take a strategic approach to onboarding, continuous training, sales transformation and more - powered by technology.

Sales Onboarding
Prepare new hires with engaging training on Day 1 to accelerate time to productivity.

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Continuous Training
Keep reps up-to-speed and provide easy access to learning content right when it's needed.

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Sales Transformation
"Re-board" your sales force and roll out new training as your growth strategy evolves.

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