Harness the power of Brainshark to improve sales readiness within your existing technology stack. 

Brainshark with Salesforce Integration
Salesforce (Lightning-ready!)

Brainshark’s deep integration with Salesforce makes it easy to serve up training and coaching resources – as well as in-context content – from the same CRM reps use every day.

Microsoft Outlook
Why make sellers leave their email to find the right content to share? Using the Brainshark plug-in, reps can quickly search, preview, and insert content into their Outlook emails.

Get Brainshark for Outlook now!

Brainshark customers can download the free Outlook plug-in. Don't have a Brainshark account? Contact a sales consultant to learn more.

For PC or Mac users. Must have Microsoft Office or Office 365.

32-bit version
64-bit version

Brainshark with Highspot Integration

Brainshark integrates with Highspot to provide access to best-in-class training, coaching, sales content and analytics, all from a single location.

Brainshark with Seismic Video

Make all of your Brainshark content, training and coaching resources available for reps to review and share straight from the Seismic platform.

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Provide sellers and other customer-facing teams with streamlined access to the Brainshark platform right within your Microsoft Dynamics environment.
API Integration Options
API Integration Options

Brainshark’s flexible IPaaS infrastructure can integrate with other applications within your sales ecosystem, including your CRM, LMS, content marketing system and more.