The Presentations Reps Need, At Their Fingertips

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Access and launch live presentations right from Salesforce

According to research by SiriusDecisions, sales presentation content like PowerPoints and PDFs have the greatest impact on B2B buying decisions. Brainshark provides an easy way to ensure reps ALWAYS deliver the right presentations to live audiences.

Harnessing the power of SlideShark's award-winning technology, Brainshark enables sales reps and managers to:

  • Easily access presentations from Salesforce opportunities, contacts, leads and accounts
  • Launch live presentations right within Salesforce, or Salesforce1 on their mobile devices
  • Track how presentation content is used and shared, and determine which content works best for different selling situations

...and much more!

The right sales presentations for EVERY audience

Whether your reps are in the office or on the road, Brainshark ensures your team always has access to the best PowerPoints, PDFs and more, without ever leaving the CRM. Reps can present with confidence EVERY TIME, with key features such as...

Mobile Presentations

Launch PowerPoints and PDFs from Salesforce or Salesforce1, and show them live from any iOS device the way they were meant to be seen.

Content in Context

Arm reps with the right presentation content for every selling situation, organized by product, industry, stage of the buying cycle and more.

Message Control

Make real-time presentation updates to ensure reps have access to only the most up-to-date and approved presentation content.

Live Broadcasting

Show slides live over the web to remote audiences, or enable attendees in the room to follow along from their own computers or mobile devices.

Presenter Mode

Stay on the message with the ability to view slide notes, previous/upcoming slides and more when projecting live form your iPad device.

Tracking & Reporting

Track how and when presentations are used by reps to identify best practices and understand which content moves deals forward.