Medical Device & Biotech

In the most highly regulated, competitive industries, the need for salespeople to stay on-point and on-message is especially critical.
Brainshark makes it simple to prepare every rep to deliver consistent value for any buyer type – from physicians to purchasing committees to executives.

Increase sales productivity for every rep – from experienced vets to first-year sellers.
Turn new reps into seasoned pros

Onboard the next generation of sellers quickly via your own virtual training programs.

Navigate complex deals

Give reps the know-how to sell to any buyer, from individual physicians to purchasing committees.

Diagnose performance gaps

Visualize where individual sellers are falling short and boost their skills with personalized learning.

Med device companies do more with Brainshark:
Ensure reps are on message before speaking with a client
Keep your team up to speed with the latest product info, competitive intel and more
Track learning activities across your team to easily spot knowledge and skill gaps
Provide continuous, ‘always-on’ training across to all your teams from any location
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