Sales Readiness for Remote Teams

To stay productive in times of uncertainty, remote teams require clear, effective communications. Brainshark gives you the tools to keep every team member continuously prepared – whether they’re at home or on the road.

Prepare & empower your teams – no matter where they are.
Learning that’s ‘always on’

Deliver virtual sales training options to upskill your team members even when they can’t make it to HQ.

Virtual coaching & practice

Provide managers with a simple, scalable way to coach remote teams and keep them on-message.

Video-based communications

Ensure reps are always up-to-speed with engaging, interactive video content you can create yourself.

"Due to the pandemic, Mindray accelerated its move from in-person onboarding to a virtual approach with Brainshark – and reduced new hire training time by 40%."

Maher Elhihi
Director of Marketing, Ultrasound
Remote team readiness & enablement with Brainshark:
Roll out virtual sales training programs in days (or hours)
Use Scorecards to keep tabs on learning progress and sales performance
Empower managers to become remote coaches
Dynamically update content as information changes
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