Content Authoring & Creation

Brainshark makes it easy for ANYONE to create engaging, memorable content to power sales readiness and effectiveness.

Brainshark Video
You CAN create better sales learning content.

We make it easy. Deliver the info reps need with your own video-based training content that can be created quickly, updated easily, and accessed anywhere.

Quickly transform PowerPoints, PDFs, screen recordings, webpages and more into compelling, voice-enriched presentations.
Add attachments, embed hyperlinks, and include interactive polls, surveys and exam questions.
Easily edit existing content to ensure sellers always have access to the most current information.
Want to do more with video? We make it (REALLY) easy.
With Brainshark, anyone can create memorable content. Simply record yourself or your screen, add voice to PowerPoints -- even show video and slides, side-by-side.
The perfect learning content – right when sellers need it.
Share mobile-friendly sales content as part of a formal training course or for reps to access and review any time, as needed.
With Brainshark, we feel confident that reps know where to access content and how to find it, which ultimately helps to scale our business and drive sales velocity.
Christi Wall
Director, Training & Enablement, Ping Identity