Sales Enablement Teams

From onboarding to skills development to content management – Brainshark provides sales enablement solutions for all your key initiatives, so reps are always prepared for that next meeting.

More than 70% of sales enablement teams invest in dedicated tools to support their programs. There’s a reason.
Elevate sales readiness

Onboard new hires faster and ensure every rep has the knowledge and resources to succeed.

Enable sales mastery

Keep reps continuously up-to-speed on new products, market trends, internal processes and more.

Demonstrate impact & ROI

Provide execs and key stakeholders with visibility into enablement programs and performance trends.

Brainshark has brought efficiency, time and cost savings, clear expectations and guidance to our process for sales enablement.”

Dr. Kathleen Hill
Global Sales Training Program Manager
Brainshark for sales enablement teams:
Use Scorecards to track enablement programs alongside critical sales KPIs
Strengthen partnerships with sales managers and improve coaching effectiveness
Easily roll out and track virtual training programs for any learning requirement
Create your own dynamic sales training content and keep it up-to-date as information changes
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