New Hire Onboarding

Shortening ramp-up times is among the top goals of B2B sales enablement programs. Brainshark can help. We provide the tools to accelerate new hire training and cut the time it takes reps to close their first deals.

Award-winning sales onboarding software for your next generation of sellers.
Accelerate time to productivity

Put team members on the fast track with immediate access to content, learning and coaching.

Diagnose problems early

Use CRM data to see which new hires not on track to hit ramp goals – and help them before it’s too late.

Link onboarding to performance

Visualize the impact of training programs by tracking course data alongside sales KPIs.

"Brainshark's video coaching has given us the ability to validate that our reps can take the knowledge from training and communicate our value proposition to customers."

David Castor
Senior Learning Manager
New hire onboarding with Brainshark:
Fuel programs with your own interactive, custom learning content
Assign on-demand courses and curricula via Brainshark’s formal training environment
Ensure new hire readiness with video coaching and practice tools
Assess training effectiveness by tracking how new reps perform in the field
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