Scorecards for CRM

Activate data-driven readiness with cutting-edge visibility into sales team activities and performance – powered by Rekener, a Brainshark company.

The most powerful scorecards for Salesforce and HubSpot CRM.
Standardize coaching and 1-on-1 meetings to show reps how their performance measures up to their peers, goals and more. Use that visibility to motivate sellers, personalize learning and drive better results.
Quickly analyze KPIs, pipeline metrics and benchmark data to identify performance issues and optimize coaching efforts.
Give reps unmatched visibility into how they compare to peers and top performers in areas like pipeline building, prospecting and more.
Visualize CRM data trends and track performance improvements over time to ensure your teams are always moving in the right direction.
Put your sales data into ‘coachable’ context.
Dashboards that only visualize your data? That’s yesterday’s news. Scorecards automatically put sales activities into context (vs peers, vs goals, over time), so you can uncover problems early and address them head-on with Brainshark learning and coaching.
Create a 360-degree view of rep and team performance.
Don't be saddled by data silos or cobbled together 'in-house' solutions. Scorecards automatically transform critical data from your CRM and other sources into meaningful (and actionable) metrics.
Our reps love the comparison data. Comparing their performance against benchmarks of their peers makes it easy to understand the metrics and builds healthy competition.
Mike Lazzaroni
Sales Leader, Zoom
Use scorecards to get the most out of HubSpot CRM.
Sales rep scorecards provide the simplest, most powerful reporting for HubSpot CRM, giving you the insights to run a world-class sales organization with HubSpot.