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You've seen how easy it is to create and share online mobile video presentations with Brainshark.  Now extend the value of that content to improve sales productivity across your organization.  

The Brainshark sales accelerator arms reps with the content training and analytics  they need to increase sales effectiveness - right in Salesforce.

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"Sales enablement is about getting the right information into the hands of the right sellers at the right time and place, and in the right format, to move a sales opportunity forward." 


Top reasons Brainshark users upgrade to Sales Accelerator

Onboarding & Training

Sales Accelerator makes it easy to deliver engaging learning content, when it's required, from within the same CRM your team uses every day: Salesforce.  Brainshark's learning environment integrates seamlessly.  Whether your goal is new hire onboarding, just-in-time learning or continuous formal training, your team can begin learning as soon as they get their Salesforce logins.

"Salesforce training CANNOT be separated from the actual enablement." - Lisa Redekop, Gartner

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Marketing and Content in Context

You've already developed great content with Brainshark.  Now make it easier for your salespeople to find, access and share it.

The Sales Accelerator delivers content tailored for different personas, industries, sales stages and more, so that the right content is always available to the rep at the right time.  It's all right in their Salesforce accounts, leads, contacts, and opportunities, so reps can easily find what they need to prospect to new buyers, prepare for sales interactions, and even present to live audiences.

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Analytics & Coaching

The Sales Accelerator takes Brainshark's in-depth analytics even further, enabling you to see the relationships between the use of content and opportunity progress, even identifying the right value associated with content used in closed-won deals - right in Salesforce dashboards and reports.

Managers can also see the level of engagement reps have with open opportunities, and identify prospecting trends to ensure a consistent flow of new opportunities into the pipeline.  Armed with this information, managers can coach their reps to use the best content for every selling situation, and ensure that reps are optimally building and maintaining their pipelines.

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Salesforce Adoption

Your investment in Salesforce doesn't guarantee that reps will use it.  By making Salesforce a more valuable platform for reps, with faster access to content that's custom-matched to both their activities and sales situations, the Sales Accelerator helps them do their jobs better and makes Salesforce what you always wanted it to be - the hub of your sales team's activities.

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Additional features include:

  • Learning and activity dashboards for Brainshark content, right within Salesforce
  • The ability to launch live presentation content like PowerPoints and PDFs, straight from Salesforce and Salesforce1
  • The same services, support and innovation you've come to recognize from Brainshark

Making the most of your content and increasing sales productivity are two critical business issues.  As a Brainshark customer, the tools to bring them together are already at your fingertips.

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