How We Help

From onboarding a new sales class to preparing for a product launch, Brainshark’s comprehensive platform helps meet any sales readiness requirement. 

Sales Onboarding

CSO Insights reports that shortening ramp-up times is the #1 goal of B2B sales enablement programs.

Brainshark provides organizations with the tools to accelerate new hire training and cut the time it takes reps to close their first deals.

Continuous Training
Continuous Training

Sales readiness never stops.

Brainshark provides a better way to reinforce training and keep teams prepared with continuous access to content and learning resources – all from the same systems reps use every day.

Coaching & Assessments

When it comes to the readiness of your team, if you’re not assessing, you’re just guessing.

With Brainshark’s video coaching assessments and AI-powered analysis, you can ensure your teams are always on-point and on-message.

Practice & Message Prep
You know what they say about practice.
The Brainshark platform arms sales reps with a comfortable, easy way to sharpen their messages, practice a new pitch, and even seek feedback from peers to improve their performance.
Product Launches
Whether it’s a major release or a series of smaller updates, one thing is always true: when a new product drops, your reps need to be prepared to sell it.
Brainshark helps sales organizations keep up with the pace of innovation.
Sales Transformation
Sales Transformation
From mergers and acquisitions to rolling out a new sales methodology, lots of events can transform the way your teams sell.
With Brainshark, you can ensure your organization is always prepared to hit the ground running in times of significant change.

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