Key Industries

No matter what product you sell or which customers you serve, enablement and readiness are key to your reps’ success – and your company’s.

Software & Technology

Keep pace with hyper-growth and innovation.

With Brainshark, you can onboard new hires faster and keep them up-to-date with your latest product releases, sales messaging and more as your business grows.


Gain mindshare with your partners and distributors.

Brainshark makes it easier to keep your team of external sellers engaged with your products and prepared to sell more for you – not the other guys.

Medical Device

In the most highly regulated, competitive industries, the need for salespeople to stay on-point and on-message is especially critical.

Brainshark makes it simpler to prepare every rep to deliver consistent value for any buyer type – from physicians to purchasing committees to executives.

Pharma & Life Sciences

Competitors, product innovation and M&A might disrupt your industry – but not your reps.

With Brainshark, salespeople get the content, training and coaching they need – right when they need it – so they’ll never miss a beat when competing for business.


A dispersed sales force should never be unprepared.

Brainshark makes it simple for all of your reps and agents to access the right content and learning resources – no matter when, where or how they’re working.

Financial Services

Regulatory compliance is a concern. Sales readiness can help ease the burden.

Brainshark enables you to deliver secure, consistent training resources to minimize risk and ensure your advisors are always ready for action.

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