Who We Help

From field and inside sales reps to customer success and support, Brainshark helps ensure your teams are ALWAYS READY to make the most of every client interaction.

Remote Teams

To stay productive in times of uncertainty, remote teams require clear, effective communications. Brainshark gives you the tools to keep every team member continuously prepared – no matter where they are.

Roll out your own virtual learning programs in days – or even hours. Empower managers to become remote coaches. And deliver content to keep every team member continuously updated as information changes.

Sales Enablement

Did know that more than 70% of enablement teams have a sales learning technology in place? There’s a reason!

From new hire onboarding to continuous updates and coaching – Brainshark provides a single platform that streamlines all your sales readiness initiatives, so reps are always prepared for that next meeting.

Learning & Development

Sales reps have different learning requirements than your other employees – but they aren’t the only ones at your company who impact revenue.

Brainshark gives you the flexibility to create unique learning paths for all your customer-facing teams. And those mandatory HR courses? We can help with those too.

Customer Success

Readiness doesn’t stop with your sellers. Customer care teams need to be ramped and prepared to provide value throughout the customer lifecycle.

Brainshark gives you the tools to more effectively train every client-facing role, with learning programs and assessments designed to achieve new levels of customer satisfaction.

Post-Sales Support

From initiating new clients to responding to a wide range of customer questions, your post-sales teams require a lot of knowledge.

Brainshark scorecards offer cutting-edge insights into which team members are ready for action. And if they’re not? Deliver personalized learning and coaching to get them up-to-speed.

Channel Sales

Turn your channel partners and distributors into your company’s champions.

With Brainshark, you can make your products stand out with engaging content that helps gain mindshare with external sellers and drive revenue across your partner community.