Brainshark Solutions

Whether you’re looking to increase sales productivity, train more effectively or reach new audiences, Brainshark solutions enable you to arm your teams with the RIGHT CONTENT, EVERY TIME.

Sales Accelerator Learning Cloud Marketing Cloud

Brainshark Sales Accelerator

Harness all the power of the Brainshark platform with a modern selling system for sales training and productivity.

Accelerate the selling cycle

Enable access to the right content every time – when and where the reps need it

Ramp up reps and keep them in the know

Increase sales productivity with faster training and just-in-time updates

Have more successful conversations

Empower sales teams to better engage prospects before, during and after meetings

Gain visibility into the sales process

Use analytics to promote best practices and turn B and C reps into A reps

Brainshark Learning Cloud

Improve the speed and efficiency of your training with Brainshark’s powerful solutions for formal and informal learning.

Save time and money with on-demand eLearning

Reduce scheduling conflicts and travel expenses by replacing live training with quickly developed, dynamic video content

Ramp up new hires quickly

Deliver impactful training content that employees can access at their convenience – anytime, anywhere

Increase learning retention in less time

Use video to transform tedious training courses into engaging, memorable eLearning presentations

Take control of formal training programs

Monitor student enrollment, track progress of mandatory courses and set criteria for completion

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Brainshark Marketing Cloud

Increase demand and generate higher quality leads with Brainshark’s unique rapid authoring capabilities.

Create more video content faster

Easily transform static resources into dynamic, voice-enriched video presentations

Engage audiences at every level of the buying cycle

Share video content and presentations that stand out from the pack

Siginificantly improve click-through rates

Boost engagement for content shared via email, social and inbound marketing channels

Measure the impact of your sales and marketing content

See who’s truly interested with detailed engagement analytics for more effective follow up

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