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The Data-Driven Sales Readiness Platform

Are your reps ready? Is all that training and coaching really working? The Brainshark platform helps you answer these critical questions. With the power of data-driven sales readiness, you see real results from the training, coaching and enablement you provide your client-facing teams.

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Engage sellers with your own interactive learning content that can be created quickly, updated easily, and accessed anywhere.


Quickly transform PowerPoints, Google Slides, PDFs, screen recordings, webpages and more into compelling, voice-enriched courses and curriculums.


Include Gong call recordings, add attachments, embed hyperlinks, and include multiple types of exam questions.


Easily edit existing content to ensure sellers always have access to the most current information.

Prepare your reps with easy access to on-demand resources for any learning requirement – from new hire onboarding to just-in-time updates.


Cut the time it takes new reps to close deals with engaging, on-demand training the moment they walk through the door


Help sellers retain critical skills and knowledge with continuous learning from any device.


Ensure mandatory training is always completed and automatically send certifications and badges when requirements are met.

Reinforce training and certify every seller has mastered your message with flexible, scalable coaching assessments with AI-powered scoring and feedback.

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Initiate video and text-based coaching activities to measure, score and certify rep preparedness across your entire organization.


Ensure sellers retain the information they learn during training and can demonstrate mastery of key messages.


Capture and share your best video examples to foster peer learning and improve team-wide performance.

Radically improve team readiness and performance with powerful scorecards to diagnose skills gaps faster – before they impact performance.


Monitor team-wide learning and coaching trends and drill down to see how individual reps compare to the rest of the pack.


Put data in a ‘coachable context’ to quickly see who’s learned the most, scored the best, finished the fastest or missed the mark.


Has a rep fallen behind in a key area? Catch readiness problems early before they impact performance in the field.

Thousands of customers rely on Brainshark to close performance gaps and get better results

“Readiness Scorecards allow us to see how the team is doing, how they’re applying the training, where the gaps are and then determine how to fill them.”
Jason Gwilliam
Manager, U.S. Sales Enablment & Training

Our Commitment to Security and Trust

At Brainshark our focus on security has allowed us to build solutions that provide the level of security our customers demand


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"Due to the pandemic, Mindray accelerated its move from in-person onboarding to a virtual approach with Brainshark – and reduced new hire training time by 40%"
Maher Elhihi
Director of Marketing, Ultrasound

Learn how our customers rely on Brainshark to get better results from their sales enablement initiatives.

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