Sales Training & Continuous Learning

Accelerate your training with engaging, video-based eLearning.

The right training content at the right time

Salespeople are well-known just-in-time learners, often prepping right before their next meeting. With Brainshark, you can arm reps with quick-hit learning content – anytime, anywhere.

Just-in-Time Training

Keep sales reps up-to-date on the latest messaging and product releases with seamless access to the content they need, right when they need it.

Formal Learning

Use Brainshark Rapid Learning for a more structured training approach. Set courses and curriculums, monitor enrollment, track completion and more. Integration

Enable seamless access to the content and training reps require – in context with their sales cycles – without ever leaving the CRM where they live.

Brainshark for Continuous Learning

Get a brief intro of how Brainshark integrates with to arm reps with quick-hit learning content and just-in-time training.

Keep sales reps in the field and out of the classroom

On-demand eLearning with Brainshark reduces the time and costs associated with live training sessions, so reps have more time to do what they do best.

Rapid Content Authoring

Brainshark empowers anyone – from instructional designers to subject matter experts – to quickly create engaging training videos that increase retention.

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Mobile Viewing

Brainshark content is mobile-ready, enabling reps to review training videos and other resources from the same smartphones and tablets they use every day.

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Quizzes, Polls & Surveys

It’s easy to add interactive quiz questions and more to track knowledge retention and keep reps engaged with your most critical learning content.

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