What Are Your Sales Reps Doing To Close Deals? Now You Know

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The insight to improve sales productivity and performance

Brainshark analytics provide something a lot of companies currently need; a deeper understanding of how knowledge and behavior affect sales outcomes. Managers can easily monitor opportunities in Salesforce to gain insight into how sales content is used, what resonates with buyers, and more.



A core feature of the Sales Accelerator, Brainshark analytics help sales organizations make smarter decisions in key areas:

  • Tying Content to Revenue - Identify the content that helps your reps close deals, and when to use it - right within the CRM.
  • Onboarding & Training - Gauge the effectiveness of your sales training programs and monitor the progress of teams of individuals.
  • Sales Coaching - Use content analytics delivered right in Salesforce to identify best practices at every stage in the sales cycle, so you can coach B & C reps to sell like your A performers.
With Brainshark, reps and managers can learn more about the content and activities that motivate buyers, so they can forecast more accurately and prioritize follow up.

"From a reporting perspective , Brainshark is so easy. I can see immediately how many people watched a video and analyze how much time they spent on the content."

Cara Pelletier, Ultimate Software

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Analytics dashboards for sales, marketing and training

Brainshark users can also track content performance right from the Brainshark Content Portal. Analytics dashboards and underlying detailed reports make it easy to see which content resonates most with viewers - complete with interactive charts, graphs and maps - all from a single screen.

Audience Engagement

Identify your most valuable content by tracking audience retention to see which video presentations are not only being clicked, but viewed.

Role-Based Viewing

Monitor presentation performance and gain access to key metrics with unique views for authors, managers and administrators.

Learning Analytics

Gauge the effectiveness of your learning content while easily tracking who's passed, who's enrolled, and who's completed their training.

Activity Feed

Get a live "play-by-play" of who's viewed and shared your content with real-time updates that keep you in the know.

Viewing Charts

Dig deeper into audience viewing behavior with details on exactly who watched your video presentations, when and for how long.

Detailed Reporting

Create and access detailed reports, apply advanced filters and schedule regular email updates.

Analytics dashboards are key features of Brainshark enterprise solutions.

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