Brainshark Pricing & how to buy

Brainshark solutions are purchased as annual subscriptions, and prices are based on the number of authors and users.

Brainshark for the Enterprise

Brainshark for the Enterprise provides a single platform through which organizations can create, manage, and deliver content for sales training and buyer engagement.

Increase productivity with formal and informal training for sales teams, employees and partners, while driving demand with engaging video content that captures the attention of prospects and customers.

All users licensed under Brainshark for the Enterprise may be enabled to create, personalize, share, or simply access content.

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*Other packages available, fees for external learners may apply

Brainshark Sales Accelerator

The Brainshark Sales Accelerator increases your sales team's productivity right in Salesforce by providing reps with the training, engagement, content, and analytics they need to have better sales conversations – and win more deals FASTER. Increase sales productivity with easy access to mobile-ready content right from Salesforce or Salesforce1.

Sales Accelerator user licenses fall into two categories: authors (content creators) and users (reps and other logged in-users accessing that content).

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*Other packages available

Brainshark for Coaching

Brainshark for Coaching helps reps practice and optimize their pitches to take best advantage of every sales interaction. Managers can view and provide feedback on individual performances, helping reps deliver better presentations, more effective demos, higher-impact elevator pitches, and more.

Brainshark for Coaching users can issue challenges and provide feedback (typically managers), or respond to challenges by providing submissions (typically reps).

Brainshark for Coaching customers may also license instructional content from CloudCoaching International. This content provides essential training on presentation skills and how to evaluate and coach reps effectively.

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Brainshark for Training

Brainshark for Training helps make your sales teams, partners and employees more productive by enabling you to create and deliver formal eLearning and informal training solutions from a single platform. With Brainshark for Training, you can incorporate both Brainshark-powered and external content to quickly onboard new hires and provide continuous training to all key audiences, ensuring that they are always up-to-date regardless of where they are or what device they’re using.

Brainshark for Training user licenses fall into two categories: authors (content creators) and users (reps and other learners accessing that content).

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