Learning & Development Teams

Brainshark’s sales readiness platform gives you the flexibility to create unique learning paths for ALL your sales and customer-facing teams. And those mandatory HR courses? We can help with those too.

Sales training is unique. Train and prepare your sellers with solutions that are built for them.
Your LMS for sales

Create your own courses or use existing SCORM content, enable ‘just-in-time’ learning and more via Brainshark’s flexible learning environment.

Next-level sales readiness

Coaching and practice tools go beyond ‘check-the-box’ training to ensure reps truly master key material.

Training impact & ROI

Align learning with business goals and visualize how programs lead to revenue-generating activities.

“Brainshark helps sales leaders know our sales teams are ready.”

Lisa Dunham
Learning and Development Manager
Brainshark for learning & development teams:
Prepare remote teams with engaging, virtual learning programs that are ‘always on’
Create your own dynamic sales content and keep it up-to-date as information changes
Provide anytime access to learning via mobile device, CRM, or other key systems
Use Scorecards to track all your training programs alongside critical sales KPIs
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