Marketing Teams

From preparing reps for a new product launch to delivering sales content out to the field, Brainshark provides marketers with options for any sales readiness and enablement objective.

Arm your sales teams with the resources they need to engage buyers and close more deals.
Manage critical sales resources

Ensure reps always have access to the latest learning material, slides, datasheets and other key collateral.

Keep sellers on-message

Deliver content, training and coaching to ensure message consistency on new products, competitors and more.

Engage your audience

Capture the attention of reps and buyers alike with dynamic content you can create yourself.

When it comes to sales content, we ‘Brainshark’ it; it’s become a verb that’s synonymous around our company.”

Courtney Perrone
Sales Enablement & Program Manager
Brainshark for marketing teams:
Create your own dynamic, multi-media content to prepare reps and share with buyers
Manage all your critical sales materials and provide seamless access via CRM and other systems
Assign microlearning courses and practice activities to ensure reps are always ‘message-ready’
Serve up Brainshark resources through other sales content management tools to provide a powerful, integrated solution
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