Virtual Coaching

We’ve all seen the research: sales organizations that coach better, perform better. Brainshark’ award-winning platform can help you deliver a remote sales coaching strategy that works – no matter where your teams are located.

Keep your remote sales teams on-point and on-message – even when they’re off-site.
Video-based assessments

Help reps master your pitch from anywhere with simple video coaching and practice activities.

Coaching that scales

Streamline coaching across your organization with Brainshark’s automated machine scoring engine.

Data-driven activities

Quickly identify areas where reps are struggling and prioritize coaching where it’s needed most.

“Video-based coaching is a great way to ensure that we're driving the message and that people are feeling like they are being supported along the way.” 

Jason Gwilliam
Manager, U.S. Sales Enablement & Training
Virtual & remote sales coaching with Brainshark:
Assign video or text-based activities to improve prospecting, objection handling and more
Save time and simplify the coaching process with automated scoring and AI-powered analysis
Provide reps with a comfortable environment to practice key messages and get peer feedback
Save the best submissions as examples of ‘what great looks like’ for others to learn from
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