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Research shows that successful sales coaching leads to higher win rates, increased quota attainment and better training results.

A more effective way to coach and assess your salespeople

Brainshark's video coaching ensures reps are always prepared to capitalize on every sales interaction – anytime, anywhere.

Sales Coaching with Brainshark

Sharpen rep skills: Provide a safe, controlled environment for reps to practice cold calls, live presentations, online demos, and more.

Validate team readiness: Initiate challenges to measure and certify rep preparedness across your entire sales organization.

Ensure mastery of key messages: Coach reps to tell the right stories by easily providing feedback and scores based on your own custom criteria.

Foster peer learning: Like what you’re seeing from top-performers? Share the best submissions in the form of training content or via leaderboards for friendly competition.

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Inside the sales coaching problem

Hear why sales coaching is so important to improving rep performance, why it's such a challenge for many organizations today, and how the right sales enablement technology can help.

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Integrated content from CloudCoaching International

Optionally provide managers and reps with the foundational knowledge to improve performance and drive more revenue - right within Brainshark for Coaching.

CloudCoaching International

Easy access: Content is always available right from the Brainshark for Coaching interface

Role-based training: Get access to engaging training content geared for both managers and reps

From the experts: Serving more than 1,000 clients per year including Amazon, Monster, Dell and half of the fortune 500 CCI helps organizations increase sales productivity and instill behaviors to drive winning results

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