Elevate Sales Performance

What’s holding our sales teams back? Brainshark provides unique visibility into sales readiness and performance data, so you can see what’s working, what’s not – and what to do about it.

Identify and close performance gaps with Brainshark’s industry-leading sales productivity solutions.
Turn insight into action

See where reps are falling behind and deliver content and personalized learning to close skill gaps.

Elevate sales coaching

Arm managers with the data and tools to become more effective, strategic coaches.

Motivate reps to improve

Hold salespeople accountable with visibility into how their KPIs compare to top performers.

“By enabling sales managers to be more effective, data-driven sales coaches, we can have a direct impact on sales performance.”  

Hilary Headlee
Head of Sales Operations & Enablement
Elevating sales productivity & performance with Brainshark:
Track learning activities alongside the KPIs that drive sales productivity
Put sales readiness and performance data in ‘coachable’ context
Provide easy access to ‘just-in-time’ learning when and how reps need it
Ensure your teams master key messages with video coaching and practice tools
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