Sales Rep Scorecards for HubSpot CRM

Get the most out of your HubSpot CRM data with superior sales insights via Brainshark scorecards – powered by Rekener, a Brainshark company.

Simply the best reporting for your HubSpot CRM data.
Brainshark scorecards provide an unprecedented level of context to pipeline and forecast metrics, target account tracking, and lead and deal conversion rates – all in one simple view. (No need to pull multiple reports!)
Activate data-driven sales readiness and coaching.
Unlock the power of your HubSpot CRM data to elevate coaching and 1-1 meetings. Scorecards provide a 360-degree view of rep performance to identify key trends over time and easily see what’s working – and what isn’t.
Sales Rep Scorecards has had a massive ROI for me and my team. It’s easy to use, provides critical business-level information that I can’t get out of HubSpot CRM and also has a killer rep scorecard that makes coaching in 1-1s fun and easy. I’d recommend it to any sales leader.
Jamison Newall
Director of Sales, Repsly