22 Tips for Better Sales Readiness

September 03, 2015 | Ann Lambert
22 Tips for Better Sales Readiness

Just because reps THINK they’re ready to have the types of conversations that move deals forward, doesn’t mean it’s true. In fact, there is a real and universal struggle at many organizations to get sales reps prepared to sell efficiently, effectively, and productively. Consider these stats:

  • SiriusDecisions has found that 38% of companies lack a formalized sales onboarding program.

  • According to The TAS Group, as many as 67% of sales reps fail to reach quota every year.

  • Forrester Research reports that nearly 90% of sales conversations fail to meet the expectations of executive buyers.

Clearly, not every sales rep is ready and prepared to get the job done. So what can companies do to solve the sales readiness problem? How can they put EVERY REP in position to have more consistent, successful conversations with buyers, in a way that scales across their entire sales organization?  

This exclusive eBook, 22 Tips for Better Sales Readiness, offers tips and ideas to help ensure YOUR sales organization’s readiness—from onboarding on Day 1 to learning and coaching throughout the sales process.

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