Channel Sales Readiness: How to Have Better Sales Conversations

January 09, 2017 | Lauren Boutwell
Channel Sales Readiness: How to Have Better Sales Conversations

Whether you’re managing a direct sales team, or channel sellers, the key to igniting better conversations with buyers is very similar. Begin by asking yourself this question:

Do my sales reps understand their buyers’ purchasing journey?

It might sound simple, but this is a key to making sure reps are having conversations that provide value, through each stage of the buying process. (Consider this quick example: in one industry you’ll find that no deals go through procurement. In another industry, every deal does. Salespeople need to know their buyers well enough to anticipate these types of variations.)

If you assume your reps are experts on their buyers’ purchasing journeys, consider that executive buyers say more than 80% of sales meetings are “a complete waste of time,” according to research from Forrester.

For channel sales reps, an enablement plan that touches on getting reps “conversation ready” is key. In the video below, Brainshark SVP of Strategic Partnerships Jim Ninivaggi shares tips and tactics for getting your channel sales partners on board:


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