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7 Ways Technology Can Support Sales Onboarding Success [Brief]

Feb 13th, 2017


Sales onboarding is critical to better sales productivity, reduced turnover and overall company growth. In fact, CSO Insights reports that effective onboarding is the #1 goal of B2B sales enablement.

Technology is the engine that can help companies reach those onboarding goals, but finding the right solution can be challenging. The reason: since salespeople have different onboarding requirements than other employees, technology must adhere to their unique needs. A traditional LMS, for example, isn’t always the right fit since it’s not specifically designed to help sales reps do their jobs.

It’s up to sales enablement leaders to find a sales enablement and readiness solution that helps sales reps ramp up faster and become more productive. This exclusive brief outlines 7 ways technology can power sales onboarding and support reps’ success in areas such as:

  • Sales competencies
  • Blended learning
  • Training insights
  • Knowledge retention and more

Download the complete brief and click here to explore how Brainshark can help you get more out of your sales enablement investment.