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8 Must-Have Sales Enablement Technology Features [eBook]

Jan 27th, 2017


The task of finding the right sales enablement technology in today’s market can be daunting. There are countless features, functionalities and integrations to consider. The best thing you can do before jumping into the technology evaluation process is to focus on the goals you want to achieve and which features and capabilities will help you get there.

For example, the most common productivity goals for sales enablement, as reported by CSO Insights, include:

  • Faster onboarding times (45%)
  • Increased selling time (39%)
  • Improved salesperson-client communications (36%)

To solve these productivity challenges and more, companies are looking for solutions to 1) improve sales readiness, and 2) that are built for the unique needs of B2B sales. The question is – how do you find the right sales enablement solution for you? Where do you start your search? And what are the most important features and functionality to prioritize?

This exclusive eBook, 8 Must-Have Sales Enablement Technology Features, provides details on some of the most important capabilities to target when selecting a solution to power your sales force.

Download the complete eBook, and click here to explore how Brainshark can help get more out of your sales enablement investment.