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Activate data-driven readiness with Brainshark's Scorecards for Gong

Jun 14th, 2021

In March, Brainshark introduced our integration with the Gong Embedded Player that lets sales enablement leaders take examples of Gong sales conversations and embed them directly within a Brainshark course.  We’ve expanded on our partnership with Gong and are proud to announce that Scorecards for Gong is now available.  Brainshark customers can see activity, interaction and coaching performance from Gong alongside Brainshark readiness activities.  This helps enablement leaders and sales managers identify the areas where reps and teams need to improve and then apply the correct training to boost the skills or knowledge needed.

Gong’s Revenue Intelligence platform gathers customer interactions across phone, web conferencing, and email.  Gong evaluates these interactions and brings the data together for AI-driven insights.  Gong also integrates with other sales technology platforms like your CRM to add business context to conversations; for example, the stage of the opportunity when the conversation took place. 

With Brainshark’s integration, we take this a step further – sales enablement leaders get visibility into how reps and managers are progressing through their training and practice programs, and enablement leaders can connect that with how those reps are performing live in the field.  This lets enablement leaders assign extra training if they are not getting the right results in the field.

Why does this Matter?

Sales managers need to get maximum productivity out of each of their teams to hit their goals.  But they are pulled in many directions:  recruiting and onboarding, managing pipeline, assisting in sales calls, and coaching reps.  To coach effectively, they need a single pane of glass that shows them which reps need the most help, and with what.  Now, with Brainshark Scorecards sales managers can:

  • Track Brainshark training and practice activities of their teams
  • Coach to their customer interactions with information from Gong
  • Visualize sales performance trends with revenue-generating KPIs from Salesforce.  

Sales enablement leaders also need a single pane of glass for this information, but on a larger scale.  They need to understand what training and practice activities are needed to close skill and knowledge gaps across the organization.  By understanding rep performance from customer interactions, they can create learning paths that will boost the right skills thereby transforming average performers into top performers. 

The net is this – sales managers become more strategic coaches because they have greater insight into where their reps need help.  Sales enablement leaders can focus their learning programs on the activities that will elevate the productivity of the team the most.  This strengthens the partnership between sales enablement and managers.  Together, they can visualize the readiness of reps and teams and connect that with how they’re performing in the field.

Here’s How it Works

The integration with Gong is a simple, one-time setup to allow Brainshark Scorecards to access Gong data.  Once connected, data will automatically sync from Gong to Scorecards, and new layouts will appear in Scorecards that show Gong KPIs.

The following Gong activity, interaction and coaching metrics are available in Scorecards for Gong.  These metrics can be combined with Brainshark readiness data and sales KPIs from Salesforce for a unified view of readiness, conversation data and sales performance data.

Activity Interactions Coaching
Call Duration Talk Ratio Calls Attended
Call Volume Longest Monologue Calls Listened
Call Topics Longest Customer Story Calls with feedback
Call Trackers Interactivity Calls with comments
  Patience Calls with scorecards
    Marked as feedback
    Feedback Received
    Comments Received
    Scorecards Received
    Marked Received


As with all Scorecards, the layouts are highly customizable, providing insight into individual and team performance.

Scorecards for Gong is now available for all Brainshark customers.  To learn more about Brainshark’s integrations with Gong, connect with a Brainshark sales consultant today.