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B2B Sales Enablement: How to Make the Case for New Technology

Mar 07th, 2019

To succeed in sales today, you need an effective sales enablement program. However, leading companies have also found that technology can be a key differentiator.

This might seem obvious, but it’s a big deal. According to a Sales Management Association study, firms that call themselves “leaders” or “on par” with peers in adopting sales technology improved goal achievement by 8% and 11%, respectively, year-over-year. And firms that are behind the curve in sales technology usage? They saw goal attainment drop 12% from the previous year.

That’s a performance gap no sales organization should ignore.

If you’re a B2B sales enablement leader, you know technology can improve the effectiveness and scalability of your programs. However, selling your vision for success isn’t always easy. Major technology investments typically require input from several different stakeholders, and people can be resistant to change (even when it’s clearly needed).

How can you gain buy-in for a solution that will help you deliver better results?

Selling Decision-Makers on a B2B Sales Enablement Tool

When pitching a new technology solution, sales enablement pros can really benefit from thinking like a salesperson, says Jim Ninivaggi, Brainshark’s Chief Readiness Officer.

That’s because the “internal selling cycle” is really no different than any other sales process. You need to understand decision-makers’ challenges and goals and show them how the solution will help achieve key business objectives.

Whether you’re trying to reduce ramp-up times for new reps or improve message consistency across the sales force, you need a well-informed proposal that can clearly demonstrate the value of B2B sales enablement technology.

Our new brief, “Making the Business Case for Sales Enablement Technology,” provides a quick and easy guide for doing just that. Topics covered include:

  • Aligning a solution’s value to your stakeholders’ goals
  • Learning the nuances of the technology
  • Cultivating internal champions to support your case
  • Collecting the best proof points to show value

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