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Brainshark is excited to join the Bigtincan family!

Sep 08th, 2021

As you may have heard by now, Brainshark and Bigtincan have joined forces. Bigtincan’s acquisition of Brainshark brings together two best-in-breed enterprise-focused sales enablement platforms.  The acquisition marks a pivotal moment for both organizations and an exciting time for the entire sales enablement market.  With excitement comes questions.  Below are a few important ones to explain why Brainshark and Bigtincan are a such winning combination.

Why did you decide to join forces with Bigtincan?

Brainshark’s mission has long been to help customer-facing teams get better at what they do. To that end, we have created a market-leading sales readiness platform that prepares sales and client-facing teams with the knowledge, skills and insights they need to perform at the highest level.

Bigtincan’s vision of powering the buying experience of the future allows Brainshark to continue its mission in support of a broader vision that will help millions of people around the world.

In addition, there is great alignment between the products the two companies have built, and the markets we serve.  Both companies have created best-in-breed solutions tailored to the world’s largest enterprises; companies with thousands of customer-facing people.  Together, Brainshark and Bigtincan will serve the needs of the largest companies in the world so that they can provide customer experiences that delight and add value.

Together, we are the fastest-growing sales enablement company in the world.  How cool is that?

Will the Brainshark platform go away?

No.  The Brainshark Sales Readiness Platform will receive even more investment than ever before.  Sales Readiness is a critical component of powering the buying experience of the future.  Making sure that customer-facing people have the right knowledge, skills and insights allows for an amazing customer experience where customers get value from every interaction.

How will the platforms come together?

Together, Brainshark and Bigtincan, will develop a best-in-class experience across the entire sales enablement ecosystem.  Bigtincan’s Content Hub is the market-leading sales enablement automation and content management system.  Sellers using the Content Hub become expert advisers with access to the right information to add value to any customer engagement. 

By creating a seamless experience for users across the Content Hub and Brainshark platform, sellers will have access to their client-facing documents and content as well as microlearnings, formal training, and coaching activities from Brainshark.

Additionally, with Scorecards, sales and enablement leaders can visualize sales training and coaching performance alongside buyer engagement activities and results from CRM systems, resulting in recommendations for continuous improvement.

If I am an existing Brainshark customer, what does this mean for me?

For existing Brainshark customers, you don’t need to do anything.  The product you have purchased will continue to be invested in and enhanced. We look forward to shipping many delightful new features to you for years to come. There are some exciting updates coming your way in Brainshark’s content portal, Coaching product, and Scorecards in the very near term.

The Brainshark platform is not going anywhere.  Soon, Brainshark customers who purchase Content Hub will also have a seamless experience between Brainshark and the Bigtincan Content Hub.  Users will be able to move between the systems with no effort, share content and data between the systems, and derive insights and reporting from the two systems together — along with CRM and other connected data sources.

Last, and most importantly, I’d like to extend a huge thank-you to all Brainshark customers.  Your support, confidence, and feedback are what allowed us to build the market-leading Readiness platform.  In combination with Bigtincan, we are thrilled to deliver amazing new capabilities for years to come and look forward to helping you provide the buying experience of the future to your customers.