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Brainshark and Highspot: A Unified Solution for Sales Readiness and Enablement

Feb 22nd, 2017


Last fall, we announced an exciting strategic partnership with Highspot, intended to help sales teams improve performance throughout the sales cycle by combining the best of Brainshark’s content authoring, training, and coaching capabilities with Highspot’s content management, customer engagement and analytics.

Today, we have more exciting news to share – Brainshark now integrates with Highspot to provide customers of both companies with a single point of access for the resources they need to drive sales productivity.

What it all means

With this new integration, joint customers can access Brainshark content directly within Highspot, making it even easier for salespeople to participate in training right when they need it most.

“The fact that reps will be able to access Brainshark training on the Highspot platform will simplify sales processes and improve our ability to deliver high-performing content,” said Pete Alexander, Director of Digital Marketing at iRhythm.

Formal training courses will have a designated area within the Highspot environment, so onboarding, certification programs, and other types of structured training will be easily accessible. And when reps are preparing to engage with a prospect or customer, they can reference Brainshark training resources just-in-time to ensure they are on track with their message beforehand.

“Brainshark makes it easy to create an impactful curriculum to help us expediently onboard and train our reps,” said Carrie Berg, director of education and training at iRhythm. “The Brainshark and Highspot integration will help us tie sales training to customer-facing materials to create a seamless and more complete sales process.”

View this short video for a quick glimpse at what this new integration offers customers.

More still to come

Today’s announcement is only the beginning, as Brainshark and Highspot will continue to collaborate on integrations and enhancements designed to deliver the most comprehensive sales enablement solution in the market. Stay tuned!

For more details on today’s announcement, visit the Highspot blog or contact a Brainshark solution consultant to learn more.