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Create a Centralized Hub for Sales Enablement with Brainshark’s Seismic Integration

Sep 06th, 2021

With more complex workflows and distributed responsibilities, enterprise sales enablement leaders today are facing many unique challenges. Sellers typically spend too much time looking for what they need and coordinating activities across multiple platforms. That’s why we are excited to announce that Brainshark has partnered with Seismic on a new integration that lets customers create a powerful, centralized hub for sales enablement by combining the best of both applications in a unified interface. 

This integration seamlessly combines the best of sales readiness and content lifecycle management by providing users three key capabilities:     

  1.  Embedded Brainshark training and coaching within the Seismic interface  

  1.  Global Search  

  1. Integrated data & analytics    

By accessing training and coaching content alongside sales collateral and other assets, sellers will save time, avoid distractions, and surface new opportunities for just-in-time learning as part of their daily routine. 

“It was key to be able to integrate Seismic and Brainshark because it is a way to get our reps to adopt these tools on a daily basis.” -Early Adopter Client 

Why Does This Matter? 

When sellers can access learning and coaching material alongside sales collateral, competitive intel, and product news without switching screens, they stay focused and can easily find what they need. 

At the same time, product marketing, sales enablement, and sales leaders can package training materials with competitive intel and other collateral to ensure reps have both the knowledge and resources they need to succeed. Revenue leaders and content creators also gain visibility into how reps are progressing in learning and coaching, how reps and prospects are engaging with content, and how each affect important KPIs like win rates and revenue. 

The unified user experience created by the integration also helps with adoption. One early adopter of the integration from a Digital Risk Protection agency noted the almost immediate increase in adoption of Brainshark and Seismic, saying, “It was key to be able to integrate Seismic and Brainshark because it is a way to get our reps to adopt these tools on a daily basis… I am already seeing things that make me quite optimistic.” 

How Does it Work? 

Setting up the integration is quick, easy, and customizable.  Admins of Brainshark and Seismic turn it on by simply toggling a switch within the Seismic App Catalog. 


You can also configure the integration to meet your specific needs by enabling each feature individually. For example, you may choose to embed the native Brainshark experience and enable global search but decide not to share Brainshark data for integrated reporting.  

Most importantly, you can configure who has access to Brainshark tools and data within Seismic. For instance, if your organization has some external Seismic users such as channel partners, you could choose to exclude those users from accessing the Brainshark integration. 

As previously mentioned, the benefits of the integration stem (for now) from three main capabilities. 

The first capability—embedding Brainshark training and coaching within the Seismic interface—creates a streamlined sales enablement experience and lets reps consume engaging training and coaching programs directly within Seismic. Furthermore, the ability to embed the whole consolidated platform where reps work, such as Salesforce, improves the adoption of sales collateral and training content. 


The second capability—Global Search within Seismic—allows reps to surface learning, coaching, and sales collateral content with a single search query. Reps can now find both Seismic and Brainshark content in every search they conduct, creating opportunities for just-in-time learning and ensuring sellers are fully prepared for the next customer interaction with knowledge and collateral. 


The third capability—integrated reporting and analytics—combines readiness, content performance, and CRM data into Seismic’s LiveInsights. Create custom dashboards using learning and coaching data combined with any other data you have in Seismic, such as Salesforce data. Seismic also provides three pre-built dashboards covering Training Engagement, Training Impact on Content usage, and Training Impact on Sales Success.  

This cohesive view of sales enablement activity helps you make meaningful correlations between coaching completion and content performance data with downstream results like prospect engagement and revenue.   


With Brainshark accessible from within Seismic, global search, and training data integrated with Seismic’s reporting and analytics, reps get even easier access to the sales content they need, and the training that goes with it, when and where they need it.    

 And this is just the beginning—Brainshark is committed to meeting the specific needs of sellers and provide buyers options for building custom enablement ecosystems