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Brainshark Customers: Get More Insight into Your Brainshark Utilization

Feb 23rd, 2017


With any technology, it’s important to monitor your usage and adoption over time to make sure you’re getting the desired value for your business. At Brainshark, we want to make sure customers always have a bird’s eye view into how users are utilizing the technology and how their content is resonating.

This is why we’ve revamped the Brainshark Monthly Utilization Report, allowing you to take quicker action on your usage and adoption.

Each report breaks down your company’s monthly usage of Brainshark. Some features of the new report format with include:

  • New key performance indicators, including the volume of knowledge being shared as well as the number of people sharing it
  • The activity level of your users, content authors and viewers, as well as how many hours of your message were consumed
  • Statistics that are broken down by product, depending on if you use Brainshark for training, coaching and/or content creation

Company administrators will be able quickly analyze the productivity level of marketers, trainers and coaches by reviewing this single report. The new report will be emailed to company administrators each month starting on March 1, 2017.

For more information on how to get the most out of the new Monthly Utilization Reports, view the short presentation below.