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Mindtickle Competitors: A Detailed Review of 7 Alternatives

Jul 20th, 2022
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Mindtickle is a popular sales readiness platform, but comparing alternatives is an essential step in deciding on a solution that satisfies your team’s needs. In this post, we cover seven Mindtickle competitors starting with a detailed display of our sales readiness platform — Brainshark, a Bigtincan company. 
Specifically, you’ll learn how Brainshark can help you:

Here’s the complete list of the Mindtickle alternatives we’ll cover in this post:

1. Brainshark

Brainshark is our sales readiness platform used by companies like Zoom, Samsung, and Nike. 

Over our 20+ years of sales enablement experience, our solution has helped thousands of organizations improve the readiness of their sales and other customer-facing teams. In the following sections, you’ll learn exactly how you can also benefit from using Brainshark.

Easy content authoring: Let anyone can create interactive trainings without needing advanced technical skills

Highlights of our easy content authoring: 

  • No technical expertise required.
  • Add voiceovers to content with just a few clicks.
  • Access documents in any format and on nearly any device, online or offline.
  • Notifications and reminders for reps to complete specific training assignments.

Many tools for creating and distributing training require advanced technical skills to generate new materials. As a result, organizations often have a designated team that creates trainings, so requests for new content can be delayed by weeks or months, depending on the content creation queue.

This can be a huge problem for sales teams since they need to keep up with evolving products and insights into the company’s top competitors. By the time reps get the necessary information, sales opportunities have been missed or the training is already outdated. 

That’s why Brainshark’s content authoring makes it easy for anyone to create interactive trainings, without needing any technical expertise.

Creating training content in Brainshark is as simple as uploading a PowerPoint, Google Slide file, or another document. Then, you can add voiceovers, attachments, hyperlinks, quizzes, surveys, and more with just a few clicks.

For example, asking respected sales leaders to add voiceovers lends credibility to your training because reps know it’s coming from an authority on the subject. This also helps reps stay engaged and retain the information. 

You can also easily embed examples of real-world Gong sales calls directly within Brainshark courses. This can be very useful, especially for distributed sales teams where it may be difficult for reps to listen to their peers’ sales pitches in real-time and learn by osmosis.

We’ve already covered these content creation capabilities in detail, so if you’re interested, check out our article on building a tailor-made sales elearning program.

Reps can search for and filter training material by industry, role, or subject from within their Brainshark account. 

Lastly, all Brainshark trainings are:

  • SCORM-compliant by default, so you can access them on our platform or upload the content to a learning management system (LMS).
  • Accessible online or offline, on nearly any device (via a browser or our native iOS and Android mobile apps), allowing reps to find relevant materials anytime, anywhere.

Advanced content management: Optimize and track content without changing your workflow

Since Brainshark is a part of the Bigtincan family, you can also easily get access to all Bigtincan features including the Content Hub.

Highlights of Bigtincan’s Content Hub: 

  • Connect all repositories without moving content.
  • Scans all text (not just metadata) with our advanced search feature.
  • Comprehensive version controls.
  • Digital sales rooms in three formats.
  • Document automation.
  • In-depth content analytics.

Within one company, it’s common to find different departments using different content repositories. This means reps may have to search through multiple repositories to find content which can be very time-consuming. 

Additionally, most content management systems rely on everyone following detailed organization and filing rules. Even if everyone diligently follows the guidelines (which is rarely the case), reps may still have difficulty finding content. Unless they accurately remember the exact file name or location, they’ll likely spend hours searching for a specific piece of content.

To solve this issue, Bigtincan lets you connect multiple repositories to one search bar. Then, that search bar scans all text, even text within PDFs or footnotes, so that you don’t have to remember any metadata. 

Results may include a PDF pulled from Google Drive, a spreadsheet pulled from OneDrive, and a PowerPoint presentation pulled from DropBox — and none of these would need to have metadata to appear.

All results are curated by AI based on the user’s role, region, historical preferences, and much more so that the most relevant, helpful information will appear. 

To learn more about managing content without metadata, read: What Most Enterprise Content Management Strategies Are Missing (And How to Fix It).

The Bigtincan Content Hub also offers: 

  • Comprehensive version controls for all content across all devices including choosing what content can (or cannot) be shared, choosing which areas of a document can be edited, adding expiration dates that automatically archive or delete content after a given date, controlling whether or not edits have to be approved by a given person or team before being shared, choosing whether or not content can be copied or downloaded, and much, much more. To learn more about version controls, read: 5 Marketing enablement software in 2022 (factors to consider)
  • Digital sales rooms that let you share any size, type, or number of files with clients via a secure, private microsite. To learn more, read: Best Digital Sales Rooms for 2022 (And How to Use Them)


AI-powered video coaching: Let reps practice what they’ve learned and assess their readiness to sell

Highlights of our AI-powered video coaching: 

  • Get an automated assessment of each rep’s communication and sales skills.
  • Ensure reps can apply what they’ve learned and articulate your product’s benefits.
  • Let reps record multiple takes of their assignments without deleting previous ones.

Coaching assignments help ensure your reps can apply their training in the field. However, most video coaching tools provide a very limited assessment of reps’ performance. As a result, it’s up to sales managers to manually analyze each submission and give relevant feedback to each rep. This can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming.

In contrast, Brainshark’s robust AI-powered analysis instantly provides important insights into each rep’s sales pitch and communication skills.

Here’s how the entire coaching process works:

Managers start by asking reps to complete a video assignment, for example, to show how they would overcome a common pricing objection. This assignment appears as a new training on reps’ homescreen. 

Then, reps can use their webcam to record a video or upload an already recorded video from their system. Reps can create multiple takes of the video without deleting previous takes. This allows them to submit their best take as a completed assignment and get more practice without fear of losing their best recording. Before they present their video for official review, they can send it to other team members, which is a great way to encourage peer learning.

After sales leaders receive the submission and complete their own evaluation, they can use Brainshark’s machine analysis to answer questions such as:

  • How many filler words did they use? 
  • Were specific words included or avoided (e.g., outdated product names)?
  • What emotions did the rep’s facial expressions portray (e.g., 70% of facial expressions portrayed happiness and 30% surprise)?
  • How clear was their message based on the level of speech used?

This is a huge time saver for managers, as they get an automated assessment of reps’ pitches, instead of having to evaluate everything themselves. Plus, managers get to see if reps can actually use their training to close deals and smooth out any rough spots before they start pitching to clients.

Coaching challenges also benefit reps, since they can practice their skills in a comfortable environment before they start selling to clients. Additionally, they receive individual feedback from their managers on what they need to work on.

Case Study: How Scantron keeps a distributed sales team prepared with Brainshark

Scantron, a provider of comprehensive assessment and technology solutions and a Brainshark customer, uses the coaching capabilities we just went over to ensure their reps are always field-ready.

Before Brainshark, Scantron distributed trainings via emails and webinars. Naturally, the need for a single location to house training content and coaching activities increased over time.

Brainshark was a great fit due to the easy content creation and the ability to keep trainings in one place where reps can access them on demand. But more importantly, Brainshark allowed:

  • Sales leaders to easily launch coaching activities based on training needs.
  • Sales reps to practice and refine messaging within the confines of the Brainshark environment.

This brings peace of mind to the entire organization because sales teams are honing messaging with the coaching tool before client engagements, instead of practicing on customers.

Today, Scantron uses coaching activities for many different use cases. For example, they created a coaching activity that helped unify their brand messaging while allowing each rep to customize the message. 

First, they shared the “Scantron Story” (which encompasses the history, current environment, and evolution of the organization) and a sales deck with everyone. Then, they created a coaching activity that let everyone practice with the deck and the company’s values in their own words. This was both a fantastic learning experience for reps and a great coaching opportunity for sales leaders.

Readiness scorecards: Identify skill gaps and see how your training impacts sales KPIs

Highlights of our readiness scorecards: 

  • Find skills gaps fast.
  • Track and compare training progress for reps and entire teams.
  • Monitor training performance data and sales KPIs in one place (Salesforce and CRM integrations).

Brainshark’s readiness scorecards provide complete visibility into the training progress metrics of sales teams and individual reps. 

Sales leaders can use readiness scorecards to visualize how reps are progressing in their training, as well as track activities and milestones like: 

  • Who had the highest scores 
  • Who completed the most courses 
  • Who completed a specific assignment first 
  • And more

Readiness scorecards also allow you to compare reps’ and teams’ performance at a glance.

Put simply, readiness scorecards can help you identify selling skill gaps and understand how sales performance is tied to training. 

For example, say you notice that a sales rep isn’t generating enough pipeline, compared to other ones who started at the same time. Readiness scorecards can help you understand why that is by seeing which activities they haven’t completed, compared to their more successful peers. 

Brainshark scorecards also offer integrations with Salesforce or any CRM that your organization uses. This allows you to see sales KPIs — like opportunities, pipeline, closed deals, etc. — right alongside each rep’s training progress.

Having all of this data in one place is crucial for evaluating your sales training’s ROI. Without this capability, sales managers can spend hours manually pulling data from different places (like CRMs and LMSs), creating new dashboards, and continuously updating them.

Schedule a Brainshark demo today to see how our platform can help you empower your client-facing teams with the knowledge, skills, and insights they need to perform at the highest level.

#2. Seismic

Seismic is a sales enablement platform built for sales, marketing, and customer success teams. Seismic offers a few different products as part of their platform, including:

  • Sales content management, which helps reps find, personalize, and share content with prospects or customers.
  • Learning and coaching, which helps reps ramp up quickly and reach their goals consistently.
  • Buyer engagement, which enables reps to connect to prospects with personalized content.
  • Content automation, which allows reps to quickly create customized content.

In 2021, Seismic also acquired Lessonly, which is another popular enablement platform for sales teams.

#3. Allego

Allego is a sales enablement platform specifically tailored to distributed sales and marketing teams. A few highlights of Allego’s offering include:

  • Sales content management for organizing sales collateral.
  • Modern learning capabilities that allow you to personalize learning journeys, use video exercises, share insights from top-performing reps, and more.
  • Conversational intelligence for analyzing conversations and finding where deals get won or lost.
  • Channel sales enablement that helps increase mindshare.


#4. Showpad

Showpad is an enablement platform for sales and marketing teams. A few highlights of Showpad’s offering include:

  • Sales content management and personalization functionalities.
  • Manager Hub for sales managers to streamline their coaching and training processes.
  • Showpad Experiences, which helps guide prospects through the sales process and present content in an engaging way.
  • Integrations with sales engagement platforms, CRMs, Microsoft Outlook and Gmail, and more.

#5. Highspot

Highspot is a sales enablement platform with features like:

  • Content management for publishing, organizing, and discovering content.
  • Sales play templated and contextual CRM recommendations to help reps execute strategies.
  • Coaching and training to onboard and upskill sellers, as well as improve their performance in the field.
  • Integrations with video conferencing tools (like Zoom), conversational IQ and revenue intelligence software (like Gong and Clari), popular workplace SaaS apps (like Slack and MS Teams), LinkedIn, and more.

#6. SalesHood

SalesHood is an enablement platform for revenue teams, channel partners, and even human resources teams. Their product consists of four modules:

  • “Learn” for training and onboarding reps with personalized content.
  • “Coach” for letting managers provide their teams with personalized sales coaching and recommendations.
  • “Engage” for improving sales efficiency by engaging buyers digitally.
  • “Impact” for measuring the revenue impact of sales enablement initiatives.


#7. is a unique entry to this list as it’s not a classic sales enablement platform, but rather a conversation intelligence tool. Here are a few of the things you can do with it:

  • Collect sales conversations from various platforms and analyze them with the help of Chorus’ AI.
  • Get sales data and insights in the platforms you use daily (e.g., HubSpot, Salesforce, Slack).
  • Launch coaching initiatives to improve win rates and reduce ramp-up time.
  • Analyze sales conversations to measure reps’ and teams’ performance.


If you feel Brainshark is the right fit for your readiness and enablement needs, schedule a demo with our team today.