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Adding Questions, Polls, and Surveys to Brainshark Presentations

Jan 10th, 2013

If the Brainshark presentations you create do not include questions, polls, and/or surveys, you may want to think about adding them to your next communication.  Interspersing activity throughout your presentation will help keep your audience engaged and is one of the best practices recommended for creating memorable content. In fact, with the Brainshark Mobile Player, you can even include questions, polls and surveys for viewers to interact with straight from their mobile devices.

Poll questions are a great way to make your audience feel like they are a part of a larger group. You can easily include a poll question with a video to gauge what percentage of your audience is up-to-date on your newest products.  You’ll see the responses in the Brainshark reports that you run, and your audience will see where they stand in relation to other respondents with real-time updates.

Examination questions provide even more options to consider. For example, did you know that your viewers can check more than one answer to a multiple choice question, or that Brainshark will be able to grade your quiz or test for you?  Brainshark offers 15 question types to add to your presentations as a test or refresher to topics covered in your presentation.  You can randomize the order in which the answers display to your viewers so it’s practically a new test every time someone accesses it.  You can even add an essay question to gather new ideas on future training sessions.

Creating a survey of your latest event? Remember that anything you place in your presentation can be reused or repurposed in other presentations. This way, if you’re creating an evaluation for one of your courses you can borrow the questions to place in a different evaluation by using the Merge Content feature.

Since the questions are actually slides in your Brainshark presentations, you can also add your voice to clarify anything that you think might need it, or even add background audio in place of your voice. (Check it out this feature in the Things You Can Do menu under “Manage Audio.”)  You can even create custom backgrounds to make your questions more effective. View the Custom Question Backgrounds tutorial for the process steps to get this done, as well as some inspiration for ways to use this great Brainshark feature.

Finally, you can view the Questions, Polls & Surveys tutorial for information on best practices and what to consider as you craft your questions, or check out the process document for more detailed information.  And, as always, be sure to visit our Help & Training page for tutorials and documentation on all things Brainshark, to register for an online instructor-led class, to search the knowledgebase for answers to frequently asked questions, or to become a certified Brainshark author or administrator.