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12 Quotes on Why Video Works for eLearning

Nov 30th, 2012

Everyone knows by now that eLearning and on-demand training provide a great way for companies to cut costs and increase the impact of their corporate training programs. And by combining eLearning with online video presentations, business can generate even more effective training content for internal team members, remote workers, channel partners – even customers!

But don’t just take our word for it.

Check out this list of quotes from trainers, bloggers and instructional designers for more details on just how valuable video has become to the world of eLearning.

#1. “Video used to be a hassle, but with advances in the consumer video market, it’s an extremely accessible medium for your training department.” – Mark Dorosz, Mythbusters! Using Video in eLearning

#2. “[Video] allows us, as trainers, to connect ourselves with an audience we can’t see… People don’t want to read about something. They want you to show them how to do it.” – Jacquie Beck, Using Video for eLEarning

#3. “While some businesses may still go the traditional route of offering sizable binders and packets containing the necessary protocol, it’s the training videos that tend to offer more value to employees.” – Kyle O’Brien, Ideas for Making eLearning Training Videos More Tangible for Employees

#4. “Videos provide greater engagement than text or images for the simple reason that it combines audio, video and text… It helps to know that your audience is already watching tons of videos online and accepts video as a format for information delivery.” – Amit Garg, The Return of Video to eLearning

#5. “In addition to enhancing learning, video can also reduce training time. It’s easier and takes less time to watch a well-made video than it does to read through pages of dense text or complicated diagrams to grasp a concept.” – Andy Cole, The Benefits of Video in eLearning

#6. “Video can communicate a compelling message to greater numbers of staff, customers and investors. [It can also] be monitored for viewing duration and viewer comprehension.” – William Claxton, Internet Video: Making an Impact in Training & Corporate Communications

#7. “Video lends itself to blended learning more easily as well. Managers are often terrible trainers but wonderful facilitators. Video provides them the instructional support they need.” – Dan Cooper, Tips on Using Video for eLearning

#8. “[Video in eLearning] lowers the cost of delivery and overcomes the need for centralized location-based training. All you need to do is author it once, and you can deploy it anywhere” – Shalini Grover, Benefits of Video-Based eLearning

#9. “Don’t let your ears hear ‘video’ and your mind automatically think ‘Hollywood budget.’ Daring to think differently can help take your next e-learning course to a new level of learning engagement – and that really is the goal, after all.” – Chris Van Wingerden, Show, Don’t Tell! Using Video in Your eLearning Courses

#10. “Parody-worthy corporate training videos are on their way out in favor of photojournalistic and amateur-produced videos…. [These videos] are less labor intensive to create, they’re more pointed, have a more realistic tone, and they’re low cost to produce.” – Trina Rimmer, Ideas, Tips and Resources for Using Video in Your Online Training

#11. “If there’s a good story, then it’s a good video. And people will watch it…. Even if we’re all not like Ingmar Bergman, we can all tell stories. Video just doesn’t take a super-talented high degree of skill to pull off. You can do it. Yes you can.” – Stephen Haskin, Ten Myths About Video in eLearning – Part 2

#12. “You hardly ever see e-learning used as a medium of choice outside work, but you’re beginning to see a much greater interest in video at work. What am I saying? That video has really arrived and we should take it seriously as a self-study medium.” – Clive Thompson, Why Video Trumps eLearning