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Sales Onboarding: How to Get New Reps Ramped Up Faster [Podcast]

Jul 31st, 2017

When it comes to sales onboarding, you can’t simply “wing it.” Onboarding not only prepares your reps with the necessary skills to excel at their job, but it also quickly ramps them up to full productivity so they can start winning deals.

Brainshark’s SVP of business development, Jim Ninivaggi, recently sat down for a chat with Donald C. Kelly of The Sales Evangelist podcast, where they discussed the importance of a structured sales onboarding program.

“If you don’t have a good onboarding process, you’re letting your prospects and your customers onboard your sales people.” -Jim Ninivaggi, SVP of business development, Brainshark

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While learning through experience may work at times, it’s not the most efficient or practical way to onboard reps. Every time your reps make a mistake, or even lose a deal, due to lack of competence, your company loses money. Jim said that companies often “underestimate how hard it is to get productive.” But how can organizations strike a balance between effective and efficient onboarding that gets reps quickly ramped up and ready to sell?

In this 30-minute podcast, Jim and Donald discuss the keys to a successful onboarding program, including:

  • The proper onboarding timeline, from “pre-boarding” to your rep’s first call
  • How to restructure your sales “boot-camp” for maximum effectiveness
  • The key to reps’ knowledge retention
  • How to determine when your reps are fully productive

Click on the image below to listen to Structuring Sales Onboarding to Get New Sellers Ramped Up Faster:









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